Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Read an additional literary fairy tale from "Spells of Enchantment". In what ways is it a fairy tale?

You're free to look at any of the fairy tales in the book. Be sure and look up the author in the brief biographical notes starting on page 791 to learn something about the context of the author and the fairy tale itself.

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  1. In the story of The White Bull, I personally feel that it is a fairytale due to the elements of nature (i.e: magical animals, field, Nile river), the idea of a love lost needing to be found and an image of the older woman playing a role in stopping a love process from happening. The magical elements of the animals along with the sorcery tone gives a feel of fairy tale like. The happy ending, the virtue of the prince/king in the end and the "all's well that ends well" mentality of all the persons involved add to the fairy tale aspect as well.


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